The novel Coronavirus has forced many companies to drastically alter their daily operations to keep their employees safe. For many, this means transitioning certain staff to fully remote work. Business owners may have concerns about efficiency and productivity when their staff is working from home. Workers may struggle to complete their tasks because they are so used to working in an office environment. The team of PHR certified Human Resources Specialists at Exodus HR Group can help navigate these challenges. 

For both employees and employers, working from home takes some getting used to. 

If you are experiencing efficiency challenges with your employees, you are struggling to manage your workflow, or even if you are a sole proprietor and would like to improve your own processes, here are a few tips that may help:  

Create an Activity Report

Keeping an up-to-date “To Do” list is very important for remote workers and managers. We recommend organizing your task-list into three categories: completed tasks, ongoing tasks, and upcoming tasks. Visit your list often, and update it each time you complete a project. Managers, review your workers’ activity reports weekly and give frequent feedback when project deadlines change so your remote staff can prioritize tasks accordingly. Suggest time limits for extended or complicated tasks to discourage procrastination. For an Activity Report Template or more information on activity reporting software and apps, contact your Exodus HR Specialist.  

Teach Tech Skills

To improve efficiency for remote workers, it is going to be important that your team members have basic technology vocabulary and troubleshooting skills. Your company IT department can walk remote employees through tech issues, but your team members must understand the basics to be able to follow the instructions your IT manager provides. Make sure everyone on your team is brushed up on their basic computer skills, and provide plenty of resources for them to educate themselves on any virtual meeting apps or software you expect them to use, such as Zoom or GoToMeeting. 

Encourage Teamwork

Fostering a strong rapport between the members of your team is crucial during this time. It is costly for your employees to spend unnecessary time trying to solve a problem alone when they won’t be able to solve it alone. Working from home means that no one will be walking by their desk, and they won’t be able to simply pop into their coworker’s office to ask a question. Having an available resource that employees are comfortable approaching with questions or concerns is key in keeping the workflow consistent. Many businesses have created mentorship programs, partnering new employees with seasoned veterans to encourage them to ask for help. Make sure the members of your team know who to go to when they have questions or need guidance, and encourage them to check-in regularly. Many of our clients utilize software with an online chatting feature for this purpose. 

Stay Connected

Working from home can be an isolating experience, and remote workers often run the risk of feeling disconnected and alone. There are many reports of employees struggling to maintain their mental health during this time, and these feelings can have a negative effect on efficiency and productivity. Remote meeting programs and webcams can help to alleviate this to a certain degree, but finding ways to enjoy a more interactive work environment virtually can be even more beneficial. It is important for you to encourage interaction and fellowship amongst your team. As an example, your team can plan to take a lunch break together and play an online game as a group, or schedule an after-hours group Facetime to chat about their family, hobbies, or experiences. If you are a solo worker, getting out and taking a walk or regularly calling old friends to catch up can do wonders in dispelling those feelings of loneliness, and can help you get back to work with a positive and productive mindset.  


During these unprecedented times, you may feel overwhelmed with questions and feelings of uncertainty. Rely on your team at Exodus to help you navigate through these distractions. Here at Exodus HR Group, we find fulfillment in delivering our services in a very personal way to each of our clients and their employees. We seek to be your anchor during this storm. It is a blessing to see each client succeed and to be able to assist them through the challenges that every employer encounters. This is our mission; this is our ministry.