Here at Exodus HR Group, we’re proud to serve nonprofit organizations across multiple states that perform impactful, mission-driven work. One of our amazing nonprofit clients is Dismas House Nashville, an organization that helps former offenders transition back into the community by providing resources for personal growth and transformation. Dismas House does incredibly important work, and we’re proud to support their HR efforts.

When it comes to strategic human resources solutions, nonprofit organizations face a unique set of challenges. The team at Exodus HR Group has the experience to manage the complexities of the nonprofit world, so clients can focus on fulfilling their mission and serving their communities. For a closer look at our nonprofit work, we’re excited to share about our client, Dismas House Nashville.

How Dismas House Came to Be

In 1974, Father Jack Hickey and a group of Vanderbilt University students came up with the idea to create a safe haven where they could share a home with former offenders transitioning out of prison — a place that built a community for both parties while helping former offenders find supportive services, obtain jobs and become full, successful participants in the larger society.

The founders looked to the name of “Dismas” who was the “penitent thief” alongside Jesus on the cross and who became reconciled with God and turned away from his sin. Dismas House’s vision is that those they serve remain free from incarceration by becoming self-sufficient, contributing members of society. Dismas has a new campus on 2424 Charlotte Avenue, Nashville TN, that can serve between 150 -200 clients a year in the program, which has 16 transitional housing units. Dismas’s leaders remarked, “We provide proven programming to help returning citizens receive the support they need to successfully return to their communities. At Dismas, we believe that second chances save lives.”

Dismas House Today

Over the past few months as Dismas expands into their new campus, their staff have come to Exodus with emerging HR questions that we’ve happily resolved. Our job as your HR partner is to help provide solutions with proven HR policies and procedures, so you can stay focused on your people and your mission. The Dismas team reported, “Exodus has been very responsive with all facets of HR from training classes on various subjects including conflict resolution, giving support and guidance on employee performance issues, and providing benefits administration.” They continued, “Referrals for new health insurance and 401K benefits, assistance with employee/employer relations, and research for new handbook edits have all been incredibly helpful and easy to coordinate.”

Exodus provides a broad array of HR solutions and support and has kept the Dismas executive team free of policy concerns, allowing them to stay mission-focused while they expand their operations.

Check out Dismas House Nashville’s website to learn more about their mission, the impact of the work they perform, and how you can support them.

From handbook policies to liability management and employer tax administration, Exodus HR Group is uniquely qualified to help nonprofit owners and leaders manage the complexities that come with 501C3 status, and we are so proud to contribute to the missions of our nonprofit partners. Are you a nonprofit leader looking for assistance navigating HR policy, procedure, and compliance? We’d love to alleviate your HR burdens so you can focus on what matters most: your mission and your people. Give us a call at (615) 488-3314 to discover how we can assist you with your unique HR infrastructure needs.