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New Oklahoma Pay Card Ruling

Compliance, Payroll
New Oklahoma Pay Card Ruling If you are an employer in the state of Oklahoma effective November 1, 2022 you are now permitted to pay Oklahoma employees wages via a…

New Tennessee E-Verify Requirements

Are you a Tennessee employer with 35+ employees? If so, you should know that starting on January 1, 2023 the state of Tennessee requires all private employers with at least…
Dismas House Nashville

Client Spotlight: Dismas House Nashville

Company Culture
Here at Exodus HR Group, we’re proud to serve nonprofit organizations across multiple states that perform impactful, mission-driven work. One of our amazing nonprofit clients is Dismas House Nashville, an…

Health and Wellness at Work

Company Culture
Health and Wellness at Work – A Guest Blog by ViREO Life’s founder, Sheri Traxler, M.Ed. Here at Exodus HR, we’re honored to share a guest blog on health and…
working from home

How to Thrive While Working from Home

General HR
The novel Coronavirus has forced many companies to drastically alter their daily operations to keep their employees safe. For many, this means transitioning certain staff to fully remote work. Business…
autism awareness month

April Is Autism Awareness Month

General HR
During the month of April, we are celebrating Autism Awareness Month. The goal is to raise our awareness when it comes to people with Autism Spectrum Disorder, or ASD, and…
Stay Interviews

The Value of Stay Interviews

General HR
Stay Interviews The popular saying is that people don’t quit jobs; they quit managers. According to the Harvard Business Review, once you have great managers, the common cause of people…
Autism - Diversity and Accommodation

Autism Awareness

General HR
Ensuring Your Workplace is Diverse and Accommodating Imagine everyone you hired came from the same background. They all had the same life experiences; they all thought the same way. How…
March Madness

Master the March Madness

General HR
Master the March Madness One million dollars every year for the rest of your life. Would be nice, right?! According to Warren Buffet, he’s happy to pay out if one…
Workplace Romance

HR Guidelines for Workplace Romance

General HR
HR Guidelines for Workplace Romance If your company has several employees that work closely to accomplish your organizational goals, it’s a pretty safe bet that an office romance will develop…
Company Christmas Party HR Issues

Christmas Parties and HR Issues

General HR
Tips to Avoid HR Issues at Your Company Christmas Party It’s Christmas time! A time to let loose, grab a drink, have a few laughs with your team. Company Christmas…
Outsourcing HR

What is Outsourced HR?

General HR
Welcome! Thank you for visiting Exodus HR’s new site and welcome to our first blog post. We hope you are finding the site informative and easy to navigate. You may…