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Mike Edmonds
Chief Executive Officer

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About Us

Exodus HR Group's mission is to partner with business owners to provide administrative services that could otherwise be distractions to accomplishing your overall goal of growing and nurturing your business. It's easy to get bogged down in the paperwork and lose focus, but Exodus HR Group will become a valuable partner, performing all the detailed administrative tasks involving your most valuable asset—your employees.
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Don't take our word for it. See what our clients have to say.
  • Dennis J. Wells, DDS

    The customized services and personal attention that we receive are exactly what we strive to provide our clients.

    Dennis J. Wells, DDS
    Nashville Center for Aesthetic Dentistry
  • Beverly Bawcom

    I would recommend Exodus HR to anyone who is looking for an employers administrative services company that cares about their clients.

    Beverly Bawcom
    W. Promotions
  • Edwina Ward

    With all the headaches of owning and running a construction plumbing company, finally our payroll and HR needs are the least of our worries! All we do is pick up the phone or send an email and BOOM! It's done!

    Edwina Ward
    W.W. Plumbing Co., Inc.
  • Thomas A. Maddox, MBA CPA

    Outsourcing the functions provided by Exodus HR allows our personnel to spend more time in doing their jobs with the comfort of an expert partner providing help and advice.

    Thomas A. Maddox, MBA CPA
    Prime-Line Inc.

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Exodus HR proudly serves businesses across the nation!

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Are you alone in this uncertainty?

Are you alone in this uncertainty?  Clients of Exodus HR Group have not been alone.  We have been focused on providing each client with the most current information available.  Our team has assisted clients with completing their applications and obtaining the necessary documents to expedite their requests for the “SBA Pay Check Protection Program”.  In certain circumstances, we have worked directly with our clients’ banks to assist in the process.
Why? Because we work for you and we care about your business. We want our clients to be “First In Line” if at all possible, to access the available benefits in the “CARES ACT” programs.
Did your outsourced Payroll and HR provider take an active interest in your business? If not call or email me directly at (580) 931-3865 or mike.edmonds@exodushrgroup.com.
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